My boss future

In the future I want to be a NBA player. I will try to be in the starting lineup in my first 10 games I don’t think I will but I will try to. My position will be a point guard. I want to be in the Toronto Raptors because that is my home team and it plays for Canada. I want a Lexus in the future and a Mercedes. I want a big house for me and my family.

week 8 schooling

1. My school starts at 9:00 pm everyday I wake up at 8:00 pm

2. I mostly go to school by a car but in the summer I go walking

3. it takes me about 3 to 5 minutes to get to school

4. at break time we play outside if it is raining we have to play inside of our classroom

5. when the school bell rings for the end of the day we go back to our homes

6. the school I go to we do not have to wear uniforms

7. the thing I love doing at school is learning

8. I would improve my school by making a playground outside


My xbox 360

imagemy xbox 360 is awesome because whenever I am bored that is my first choice for what to do. I have a lot of games for my xbox I have batman,nba,nfl,wwe and more. my uncle bought the xbox for me 2 years ago. I play xbox with my brother and my friends. i love to play my xbox.

blog challenge 7 activity 2

when ever me and my friends are playing soccer foot hockey basketball other sports I shout defense in soccer when the other team has the ball. In foot hockey when ever someone is hurt our team always makes the person not give up and our team mate gets up and does not give up.  in basketball we always pass so the other team does not steal the ball from us. in any sport we play.