well to me memories means that all the good moments you have had with family friends etc. I have a lot of memories with family and friends. memories are hard to forget you cant forget memories its just like it is stuck to your brain and they are not coming off. you can always remember memories i had my favorite memories at my grandmother’s house i had a lot of fun over there i don’t think i will ever forget those memories i had with my grandmother. that’s what memories is to me

how i will attract people to read my blog

well i will attract people to read my blog by making the post i type interesting so the people would post on my blog and i will get a chance to see the person’s blog if the person leaves a link to his/hers blog so i can even write a post on the person’s blog. i didn’t  get a post yet the only post i got is from edublog and the post said that how to delete a post and other things. I was about to get a post on one of my post i did it was pending but then the person deleted the text and he left my blog.

student blog challenge 3

Activity 4. Watch the third video. Why is it important to check out the settings whenever you buy a new device? Default settings often allow the manufacturer to gain information about you without you realizing it.

It is important you can look at the person’s information so you know there address or phone number and they can even know where you live. That’s called stock. stock is something where a person knows what you are doing 24 hours

Payday 2

The game pay day 2 you free roam. Free roam is where you can walk around a map. You can rob stores around the map. There is multiplier you can shoot cameras so the robberie doesn’t record. There are a lot of things you search up on Payday 2 it is just a really good game. You should buy the game it will be fun for you and you will really like it so buy the game payday 2